AccorHotels is a worldwide leader in travel
and leisure, but young people prefer home rentals like AirBnb. So how to engage a hard to reach target audience with ten hotel brands?


Find the Riddle Room

A hotel stay is both pleasurable and adventurous, sometimes even mysterious. A hotel room that really suits your needs is a room you don’t want to escape. We launched the first room you want to escape into: The Riddle Room.

A virtual room filled with riddles, hidden in one the 16.130 AccorHotels’ hotel rooms in the Benelux. 

By solving three riddles, players could guess the Riddle Room’s secret location - the hotel brand and specific hotel - and win a luxurious overnight stay.

In 30 days, we opened 10 Riddle Rooms. Every Riddle Room raised awareness for a hotel brand’s proposition. 


Each RIDDLE room had 3 custom-made riddles that matched the hotel's vibe and hospitality. The storyline was linear, but the chatbot’s responses, multiple hints
and witty answers created a dynamic and entertaining chat flow. 


The average playing time was 15 minutes and with over 20.000 players, this means that people spend over 208 days of time in the Riddle Room.

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