Senior creative copywriter
with a digital heart,
an integrated soul
and a conscious mind


Born in South Korea and raised in The Netherlands.
I've learned the importance of language at a young age.
Words matter. One word can make the difference, 
just like a good idea can.

I believe in ideas that work on a larger scale and impact our lives. Ideas that make us laugh, give us goosebumps or that help us enjoy our lives to the fullest.


Work experience

code d'azur

Polestar, Albert Heijn, Philips, Anderzorg, Kia, The Dutch Government, Samsung, G'woon, D-Reizen, Tempo-Team, Randstad, Mona, vanAnaarBeter, Plus Supermarket, Renault, Bud(weiser), Blue Band, LG, 
Auping, Makro, Mercedes, De Bijenkorf, Fiat, KPN, ABN AMRO, AccorHotels, LeasePlan Bank, Bavaria, Het Net, Skoda, Rabobank, Het Financieele Dagblad, Delta Lloyd and many more. 

Awards & Nominations
1x The Best Social Awards Nomination Best Innovation
1x The Webby Awards Honoree
1x The Webby Awards Nomination
1x Shorty Awards Audience Honoree
1x Shorty Awards Finalist
1x RAB Radio Advertising Awards Finalist
1x SAN Accent Winner
5x SAN Accent Nomination
2x SpinAwards Nomination
1x IMC European Awards Gold Winner
1x IMC European Awards Silver Winner
1x Esprix Bronze Winner
1x EUROPRIX Quality Seal 


Over the past 14 years I've created integrated campaigns and social strategies for national and international brands, brand names, slogans, tone of voices and written scripts for television, online video, radio and social content, in addition to that I also created business ideas and even co-founded a social production studio. 


There's more to life than work.
I am also a proud father who transforms into a climbing frame now and then. I enjoy listening to vinyl, but I also know to find the best Spotify playlist and Soundcloud sets. When I have time I try to master Fifa.

Let's grab a coffee and chat about the good, the bad and the weirdest stuff in life.

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