Wear the change

It all started when Sivan, the founder of Afriek, travelled to Rwanda for her graduation. There, she witnessed firsthand how long-standing biases have shaped perceptions about Africa.

Determined to change these prevailing perspectives, Sivan embarked on a mission to create colourful, high-end fashion through equal collaboration with all partners. I was thrilled to support her in this inspiring initiative.

When Sivan approached me, I dedicated myself to ensuring Afriek's success. In collaboration with designer Maarten Geurink, I developed the brand's positioning, strategy, and identity.

Afriek has garnered recognition in national and international magazines such as Vogue and Elle.


2016 - 2024

Concept & Copy. Creative consultant.

A story that suits

The use of African prints in Afriek's designs immediately highlights the origin of the product. The recognisable patterns of the fabric have been shown to spark conversations.

When wearing Afriek, you have a story to tell — a narrative that speaks of equality, cooperation, and the mutual learning that can occur between cultures. It is a story that resonates and aligns perfectly with the brand's mission.


Providing the backstory

We created story labels with the name of the maker, hangtags filled with Piri Piri (a key ingredient in Rwandan cuisine), and hid Polaroids from the maker in each garment. In everything Afriek does, the branding serves as a tool to emphasize Afriek's mission: Connecting Cultures.


Opening the debate 

Afriek's mission is to connect cultures. However, with a white founder leading the brand, we recognised the potential for missteps. To ensure Afriek stayed true to their values, they had to constantly reflect and hold themselves accountable. As part of this commitment, Afriek organised a talk to openly discuss the ethical challenges they faced. 

"Afriek believes in equality — all humans are equally worthy and should be treated equally and fairly."


Sivan, founder Afriek