The StudyPrepper

Bridging the gap to higher vocational education

Transitioning to Higher Education is challenging for teens who come from backgrounds where this isn’t the norm. They lack the support and guidance of experienced family members. And balancing final exams with preparing for this unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming.

They could use a little help, so we introduced — ‘The StudyPrepper’. A sidekick that breaks down every step you need to take and gives timely reminders. It was played by relatable Dutch rapper Willie Wartaal, known from 'De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig' and the TV show 'Villa Achterwerk Live'.

Our campaign showed that the transition to Higher Vocational Education or University can be made a lot easier with the right support.

The Dutch Government



Concept & copy

Your buddy if you want to study

Teens are often pressed for time. They juggle responsibilities like part-time jobs, social lives, and studying. All they need is some proper guidance at the right place and the right moment.

That's why 'The StudyPrepper' appeared on Spotify, YouTube, social media, and mobile ads. 


Retargeted reminders & to do's

The StudyPrepper reminded youngsters on they media they use with the most important to-do's.


Your road map towards studying

The StudyPrepper also provided teens with an online tool that showed the five phases students had to navigate with all the to-do's. This roadmap broke down the complex process into manageable steps, ensuring that students stayed on track and didn't miss any important milestones.

School counsellors actively promoted this valuable resource to their students, increasing its reach and impact.