Find the Riddle Room

Transforming Facebook Messenger into a mysterious escape room

AccorHotels, a worldwide leader in travel and leisure with 49 diverse hotel concepts, wanted to engage its followers and guests to discover more of what their hotels have to offer.

A hotel stay is both pleasurable and adventurous, sometimes even mysterious. So we introduced a secret hidden room you want to escape into — The Riddle Room.

We brought the secret room to life in Facebook Messenger. In the chat, a virtual hotel concierge guides you through three cleverly crafted riddles. Each riddle is a clue to uncovering the secret location — a specific room in one of AccorHotels' properties in which you could win a complimentary stay.

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Getting the most out of Facebook chat

Over 30 days, we launched 10 unique Riddle Rooms within Facebook Messenger. We used the full array of chat functions available on the platform to bring each room to life with its mysterious riddles, and we even incorporated a 360° VR view.

Each riddle was designed to challenge and engage participants, putting their logic, wordplay, and problem-solving skills to the test. From deciphering cryptic clues to unravelling clever word puzzles, each riddle gave a new clue to unlock the secret location.