Use headphones for spatial sound

Driven by details

Unveiling Polestar's obsession with detail

The luxury design-loving audience was in awe of Polestar's minimalist, progressive, and sustainable design but still doubted the craftsmanship. How could we convince these meticulous perfectionists?

We showed them that Polestar is just as obsessed with details as they are. We pulled back the curtain on a design story that often remains invisible — the six-month process of crafting the Polestar 2's sound design. On our experience website, everyone could listen to the design stories behind the Polestar 2’s signature sounds and discover that at Polestar, even the smallest details have been crafted with intention.  

To uncover these sound design details, we’ve brought the stories to life through an immersive 9D spatial sound experience with mesmerising animations that visualise sounds to captivate the eyes.

Polestar Sweden


code d'azur

Concept & Copy. Scriptwriting. 

Chapter 1
Drive sound

Use headphones for spatial sound

Chapter 2
Rear-drive sound

Use headphones for spatial sound

Chapter 3
Turn indicator

Use headphones for spatial sound

International toolkit to engage design enthusiasts

We've created a campaign toolkit for Polestar's international markets, featuring captivating social and editorial assets. These eye-catching graphics were deployed at design blogs and communities to reach our design-savvy audience.