Say nothing

Turning tough talks into small talk

“Come on, it's just a beer!" Many parents dread hearing this from their teens. Talking about underage drinking and smoking is tough. The Dutch government's Nix18 (Nothing under 18) agreement aimed to help, but often became a one-off talk. Research shows regular, casual chats work better, but how can parents make that happen?

We transformed the ‘Nothing Under 18’ conversation from a heavy, formal agreement into a series of light, ongoing dialogues. We equipped parents with tips and tools to seize casual opportunities to talk, including witty responses for their teen's pushback. Nix18 evolved from a single contract into an indispensable, continual parenting aid.

The Dutch Government



Concept & Copy

Helping parents with tips and tools

Our campaign provided parents with a variety of resources. Radio commercials showed witty responses to teen's arguments like "But you drank when you were young!", while our website offered conversation starters and tips.


Setting the perfect stage

We also introduced the ‘Sunday of Nothing’ cinema event, inviting parents to bring their teens for a free movie and quality time — a perfect low-key opportunity to talk about Nix18.