Go Mono

Turning distracted driving into a shared responsibility

In the Netherlands, traffic accidents were increasing. The main cause? Distracted driving. A tough one because we all know how hard it is to resist our phones, and research has shown that phone addiction and FOMO can’t be solved overnight. So how to prevent distracted driving?

An incoming message is just too hard to ignore. So we made distracted driving a collective responsibility — don’t distract someone whom you know is on the road. A powerful shift that opened the debate about phone usage in traffic.

This message was the starting point of a new 10-year lasting government campaign, we called Mono. This means one, and that is exactly what you should do on the road, just drive or bike.

The Dutch Goverment



Concept & Copy

Intersecting lives

One single text or WhatsApp message can instantly turn multiple lives into a nightmare. In a series of television commercials, we follow the people colliding at the same intersection. What if someone got distracted by their phone?

Online & Social

We continued the stories of our TV commercial online and on social media, showing everyone how to avoid phone distractions.



Launching partners

If you want to make a difference, you need to work together, especially with such a widespread societal problem. That's why we launched a toolkit that enabled our launching partners to get started right away and spread our Mono message. 


There are many apps, functionalities and other options to avoid phone distractions, our website helped everyone by explaining everything they can do.